Dig For Victory t-shirt by Cream Tees
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Dig for Victory was a propaganda drive by the British Government during WW2. People were encouraged to cultivate any spare land in order to grow vegetables as importing food became dangerous and expensive.

This particular example of the t-shirt is Earth Brown, we do however have a wide range of colours and styles available to suit anyone - you don't even have to know what a turnip is! Click here to see our Dig for Victory range!

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3 Responses to “Dig for Victory t-shirt from Cream Tees”

  1. # Blogger nataliemay30

    A little taste of history on a t-shirt. Really like this.  

  2. # Blogger Eddie Britton

    I think i just found my new favourite website!  

  3. # Blogger alistair hutchinson

    It would look good to wear this when I'm digging the Veg patch  

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