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With this tee we celebrate the pinnacle of cack technology known as the Morris Marina. A car that looked like it was designed by fifty people having an argument - because it was.
The Morris Marina tee comes in a colour range surpassing the original colour options of the actual car, and is available in left and right hand drive. Styles for both men and women!

If you remember a car made of metal so thin it rusted on a humid day this tee is for you. Click here go to our store!

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2 Responses to “Morris Marina T-Shirt from Cream Tees”

  1. # Blogger Bridget Anderson

    Such a classic car. Takes me right back!  

  2. # Blogger Beverley

    Haha - my grandad had one of these back in the day! Bet he'd be amazed to see people loving them on tshirts!  

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